Irony Furniture line…interiors and exteriors


Made in Italy

What our customer say

MIA is a magnificent idea. High design, style. Customizable.
The right object for every precious space.

Chic, extravagant, elegant, majestic.

Besides comfortable, fantastic for personalizing important spaces.

Made with great care. Magnificent style, innovation and above all perfectly executed. Marvelous impact!

The best choice

A marvelous idea to furnish your spaces in a personalized way


Countless positive feedback from clients and the market

Easily customizable

Can easily be tailor made according to clients’ specific needs


The main feature of this armchair is that…it can be…the way you want.

  1. Customizable logo
  2. Customizable seat color
  3. Treatment (cataphoresis) for exterior furniture
  4. Customizable slat color
  5. Customizable slat material: wood, Plexiglas, metal, resin, ceramic, etc.
    and/or their upholstery: fabric, leather, gold/silver leaf, etc.
  6. Complete line (table, ozone generator with floor stand)
  7. Creation of decorating objects in different sizes and uses

Excellent feedback

Mia è un’idea innovativa, unica, personalizzabile.
Ha avuto un ottimo riscontro sul mercato rappresentando un’innovazione di prodotto, linea, stile.

Real support by real people

Our company is made up of real people, able to listen to your needs and provide support and assistance, during the furniture concept, design, development and production stages.