About us

For years, the artist has revolved around natural materials: iron, wood, soil, and water are the stars of his works, emphasizing the intrinsic value of each one, as well as their possible transformation caused by time and life. Materials that take on nuances of tradition, modernity, and elegance, finding a natural alchemy in their combined use, interpreted according to the experience and life of each of you.

The company is available to develop and realize this project because it has:

  • a high-profile group of designers able to translate any “idea” into a product, analyzing the feasibility, evaluating the weaknesses and limits, thinking about the production phases, and optimizing the industrialization while respecting the artist’s idea.
  • an important production structure for ironworking, in particular for sheet metal, able to manage any work phase in an “industrial” and “artisan” way at the same time, because it takes a good eye and experience to create unique pieces each time.
  • a powder coating line in an extraordinary spray booth, able to enhance any object, giving life, warmth and soul to each “piece of iron”, transforming it into an elegant object with a great personality.